22March 2019

Is Giving Homework to Kids Helpful?

Education system these days is extremely competitive. More and more emphasis is being laid on the all-round development of the kids. Thus, apart from focusing on academics, many co-curricular activities have been introduced from sports to dramatics to fine arts etc. for the kids. Since there are a limited number of hours available for the teachers to complete the course, it often makes things difficult for them. It is no wonder that the homework load of most students has increased in the past few years.

When compared to the curriculum and average intelligence of the children, it won’t be incorrect to say that the present generation is studying a far advanced course than their peer group. Since practice makes a man perfect, more and more academic institutions give homework to students. This might be contributing to the fact that a large number of students are struggling to complete their work on time, which may result in lesser outdoor activities for them. “Write My Homework for Me” is a common demand by many students as they often require a change from all the assignments for sound mental and physical health.

How Much Homework is Too Much?

There is a constant debate on whether homework is good for the kids or not. Some schools considering the immense load, have come up with a no homework policy, while some believe that constant repetition is a great way to make kids remember things. Moreover, regular practice of classwork also helps in making the children accustomed to studies, which later on comes handy. Since every student has a different capacity of understanding and grasping concepts as well as retaining them, there is no real way one can determine the amount of homework which is appropriate. Considering that a large number of students are looking for homework writing help in Kolkata, the load is considerably high. Before assigning homework, certain factors must be kept in mind by teachers.

  • The main purpose of giving an assignment is to develop a better understanding of the topic. The assignment given should be covering the topic while not becoming boring for kids to complete. Since all students work with different capacity, striking a balance is extremely crucial.
  • Every class has a set of exceptional students and those which need a lot of time and patience to grasp concepts. However, many teachers, while preparing assignments prefer to take the middle ground, which may not exactly be working well.
  • The motto of giving an assignment should be to encourage students to develop a better understanding of the subject at hand. If kids are asking people to write homework, it defeats the purpose. Motivating students to succeed in the long run should be the incentive for the assignment.
  • Making things interesting by taking a practical approach can go a long way to make kids understand the topic and finish their assignment on time.
  • If the homework is an extension of the classwork, then students won’t have any issue; but in case it is not, students would require the assistance of a teacher. Providing guidance to kids for their homework is important. one can find homework writing help at a number of websites like BookMyEssay. Homework should make things interesting for kids and not traumatize them of studies.
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