4December 2017

Homework should be Made Effective: Follow the 5 Dynamic Secrets

Homework is the most effective tool in the hand of a teacher to judge their students. For a student, homework is really challenging. As a teacher, you should develop a good homework that would cover the whole lesson or lessons effectively. The writers of BookMyEssay knows the secret of preparing effective homework writing.

There are five basic secrets in developing a good homework for the students. If the motto is to judge your students, then you should follow these secrets:

  1. Preparing the homework

As said before, the motto of homework is to keep an open a scope for the students to read and re-read the chapters again and again in order to find the answers to the questions. But at the same time, homework should not be so tough that the students could not write them. So, the best way to prepare the students is to undertake several practice tests in the classes.

   2.  Providing homework

As a teacher, it is the most vital part for you. The first step is to discuss the purpose of the homework to the students; next, provide with some guidelines that would help them to work on the homework smoothly. Better, the students could read the whole homework and clear any doubt in the class in front of you. Also, provide a logical deadline by which they should submit the homework. If any student finds the homework too tough arrange some special tutorial classes for them. Discuss the lessons related to the questions but never provide answers to them.

    3.Checking the homework

Ensure that the homework is submitted before the deadline is over. Now, this is the time for you to check the homework. Always, follow specific system for checking. Style of writing, English writing skill, and grammatical mistakes should also be considered while marking. If any student makes too many mistakes, you can give them a second chance to rectify the error. Better, you mention these points in the guidelines. Normally, delayed submission is fined with some marks. This increases the importance of the deadline.

     4.Grading the homework

Grading the homework keep it challenging and important to the students. So, provide a grade to the students in homework. How the grading will be made should be mentioned in the guidelines clearly. There will be a healthy competition among the students in your class if you can maintain a grading system. So, be clear on this matter.

     5.Discuss the common issues while returning

Now, this is the time to return the papers to the students. This is also the time to discuss all common issues in writing the answers you found. Discuss them elaborately in the class. Make this class a discussing type where the students with high grades will get a scope can express their opinions regarding the answers. Ask the weak students if they have any query? This will ultimately create a positive learning environment that would be utterly encouraging for the students.

Homework is a good practice for your class. It will prepare the students well on all the lessons on which the homework will be given. You just need to make it effective by following the above-mentioned steps. Always remember that the all these aspects are important for effective learning.

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