10September 2018

Literature Review Writing-Everything You Should Know About

Just like any other literature student, you must be thinking that is all about sitting on your favorite chair with a dust off novel with some tea and get ready to give some good and bad reviews, right? Well, it is hard to accept but the literature review assignment help is nothing like your imagination. In reality, literature review writing refers to both summary and explanation of any collection of material, literary text, or the topic. By the word literature doesn’t mean that you have to give reviews on a famous book of Shakespeare, it could be anything from a set of government pamphlets to a piece of the text published in the history.

As mentioned above literature review assignment could be as simple as a summary but it follows a systematic pattern that is the combination of both synthesis and summary. It generally contains the recaps of important points of the source.

Why do Students Get a literature Review Assignment?

The purpose of assigning students with the literature review assignment writing is to give them an easy access to the particular topic on which he or she has to write some reviews. It helps to identify the prior areas of the subject. For final year students, literature review works like the useful reports that keep them up to date with the current changes in the field. On the other hand for scholars, it helps to identify the gaps, contradictions and inconsistencies in the literature. Students can take review assignment help to fulfil their tasks.

Types of the Literature Reviews

Literature review writing has spread throughout the various academic discipline. Therefore, you can take different approaches to write down your literature review assignment with help. Here is the summarised list of types of literature reviews:

  • Integrative review: – It could be considered as a form of research the reviews, synthesizes, and critiques the secondary data in an integrated manner.
  • Argumentative review: – As you can figure out from the name the literature is selectively focused to support a refute argument, assumption or philosophical problem which has already made a place in the literature. The purpose of writing argumentative reviews is to establish a certain viewpoint supported by sources and evidence.
  • Historical review: – The historical reviews are focused on examining a certain context, a time period of the history. The purpose of writing down the historical literature review is to identify the direction of the possible future research.
  • Systematic review: – Unlike other review writing it requires more well-defined approach. A systematic review is more detailed and comprehensive. It can be divided into two major categories first is meta-analysis and second is meta-synthesis.
  • Theoretical review: – It is focused on a set of theories that are gathered in regard to a problem, issue, phenomena, concept or theory. Theoretical literature reviews play a major role in establishing what theories actually exists, their relationship between them and how to develop new theories.
  • Methodological review: – The methodological reviews are not focused on what someone said but focused on how said that. This type of reviews gives different frameworks of understanding at different point of views. It helps researchers to draw a wide range of possibilities from the conceptual level of documents. It includes both qualitative and quantitative integration, interviewing and data analysis to highlight many ethical issues we ignore while going through the systematic study.

While writing the theoretical literature reviews the first thing you need to do is to specify what type of literature review you are going to write down. Students who are facing problems with review writing task my visit BookMyEssay to hire Literature review assignment and essay writing help.

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